Financial Management for Development Professionals

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Across the world, every day, organizations are implementing change through development, humanitarian, and conservation projects. Hundreds of millions of people depend on the ability of development organizations to deliver project results effectively and efficiently.

Organizations working in this sector operate in a rapidly changing and competitive world. To thrive and survive in this challenging environment, they need to develop the confidence and skills to manage, and be seen to manage, their projects well.

However, delivering project results effectively and efficiently is a complex challenge. Project teams must work together to produce deliverables and, in the process, deal with issues and tensions that are internal and external to the team. To succeed, the team needs to plan, implement, monitor, and adapt its activities in a number of discipline areas—risk management, time management, stakeholder management, human resources, financial management, and more.

This course focuses on one of the most critical disciplines needed to ensure project success—financial management.

This guide focuses on the fundamentals of financial management in the context of projects in development, humanitarian, and conservation sectors. It will give you, the project team member, a firm foundation for managing the finances of your projects. It provides a contextualized, comprehensive, and adaptable resource for anyone managing project finances in these sectors.

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