About Seth Solomon Chendan


Seth is an astute Administrator, Life Coach, Journalist, Communicator, Educationist and a Customer Care Agent. He is currently the Director of Administration, Media and Company Secretary of the famous Scottbrian Global Security Services (SGSS) Ltd and HIV/Social Response Director of the Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) a leading students campus Ministry in Nigerian tertiary institutions

He has over 10 years wealth of experience working in Corporate international secular and Christian organisations like; MTN Call Centre, Living Faith Church World Wide Inc, Abel Damina Ministries International amongst many as Customer Care Agent, Secretary, Administrative Officer and Manager. He is perfect in Internet Surfing, Minsat, CRM, Editing, Investigative Journalism, Reporting, Counselling, Microsoft and Excel.

Seth holds a combined Honours first degree in Administration and Planning/English Language (2.1) from University of Jos, Nigeria.

He is also a volunteered staff worker with USAID and Global Fund assisting in delivery of Pharmaceuticals drugs like HIV, Malaria and Family Planning. he also keeps records of the stated exercises and helps in the follow- up by phone calling of the customers of the stated International NGOs that received their commodities in Nigerian health institutions.

His requisite skills are; Administration, Advocacy, Program planning, Editing, Investigative Journalism, Reporting, Counselling, Intelligence Gathering, Speech Writing, Protocols, PRO, Communication and alike.



  • 2020 - Present
    Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES)

    HIV/Social Response Unit Coordinator

    1. Organise HIV/AIDS, COVID -19 and Tuberculosis awareness programs. 2. Strategise on Entrepreneurship development 3. Organise activities to address social issues on campus and the society. 4. Harnessing of student talents like; movies, music, arts and science. 5. Organise tournaments both at local, state and national levels like; sports, quiz, debates and alike

  • 2018 - Present
    De-Builder Advocacy Centre International (DACI) Toronto, Cahada

    Plateau State Coordinator

    Debuilder Advocacy Center International (DACI) is a non-profit organization that works with social agencies that provide services to teens and youths in Toronto and African Countries. We work in a coordinated way  with our umbrella organization to incubate grass root organizations that offer youths with the following programs and support their initiatives. Economic Development Skills,  Professional Counselling Mentorship Program Back to school initiatives. Civic Engagement initiatives. Personal and Life Skills Programs Financial and Investment Initiatives. Sports, Art and Performance.

  • 2013 - Present
    Scottbrian Global Security Services ( SGSS ) Lafia

    Director of Administration, Media and Company Secretary

    1. He is saddled with the responsibility of running the administrative unit of SGSS. 2. He stands as the spokesman of SGSS Company. 3. He prepares all documents for this prestigious firm. 4. He takes explicit minutes of every meeting of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. 5. He grants press release about the firm. 6. He writes proposals to international agencies, companies and individuals to carry out developmental projects to communities that are left behind in development. 7. He initiates and mobilises how to get and reach out relief materials to communities and internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps that are affected by disaster and war. 8. He mans the media arm of the company too.

  • 2013 - 2019
    Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES)

    Personal Assistant and Personal Secretary to the National Director

    1. Shall schedule and manage the appointments of the National Director. 2. Shall assist the National Director to prepare adequate and timely itinerary. 3. Shall assist the National Director in preparation towards meetings, conferences seminars etc. 4. Shall engage in clerical and administrative tasks as required by the National Director. 5. Shall carry out any other responsibilities as may be assigned to him by the National Director. 6. Shall organize and maintain all office files in the National Director’s office. 7. Shall handle all secretarial duties in the office of the National Director. 8. Shall handle the transmission of all documents (memos, replies to incoming mails etc) and keep records of official communications in the office of the National Director. 9. Shall participate actively in raising funds to support the fellowship. 10. Shall take notes; prepare adequate and timely reports to the National Director at the end of the fellowship statutory meetings. 11. Shall answer phone calls, screen and direct calls to the National Director. 12. Shall manage all visitors of the National Director with courtesy and hospitality.

  • 2010 - 2012
    MTN Nigeria/Communication Network Support System Limited (CNSSL), Jos

    Customer Care Representative (CCR)

    1. Picking MTN customers\' calls in the Jos Call Centre. 2. Resolving the MTN Customers\' queries. 3. Promoting MTN\'s products and services to her esteemed Customers.

  • 2009 - 2009
    Abel Damina Ministries International (ADMI) Uyo

    Manager/Administrative Officer

    -I ran the administrative office. -I checked all the guests that came into the International headquarters (HQS) in hotels. -I supervised all the constructions in the HQs -I checked all faults in the HQS building and reported for repairs. -I handled all the keys to the Ministry’s vehicles. -I bought diesel and fuel in large quantity for the Ministry’s vehicles. -I supervised all the activities in the recording and editing studios. -I embarked on market survey of building materials. -I bought all building materials to be used for construction. -I attended to all visitors and guests coming to see the Visioner and Founding Father of the Ministry. -I stood in for the secretary/accountant on Saturdays and Sundays. -I received the Ministry’s mails from courier companies. -I settled every misunderstanding among or between staff. -I redesigned and drafted morning devotion roster for the staff. -I also drafted roster for security men. -I short listed names of staff for interview. -I drafted a 10-page observations and suggestions on the ministry and presented to the Visioner. -I submitted crusade publicity banner to the state Fire Service department for hoisting at strategic places in the entire Uyo city. -I counseled people on Tuesdays. -I scouted and measured vacant billboards in the entire Uyo city. -I pasted crusade posters on billboards and Ministry’s long buses. -I arranged for the production of jingles in the studio for any programme. -I placed announcement on the Ministry’s notice boards -I organized a general sanitation to be carried by the staff who reside the quarters. -I sorted and gave out Ministry’s handbills and fliers and also gathered the littered ones around the HQS

  • 2003 - 2009
    Living Church Worldwide Incorporated (Kingdom Heritage Model School), Jos Branch


    1. I took explicit minutes of all congress and executive meetings of Parent Teachers Forum. 2. I gave administrative support to the management. 3. I taught CHILDREN from the ages of 2-13 years in the school. 4. I coached the CHILDREN in sports too and also organized annual sports competition for the CHILDREN. 5. I took out the children for educational visits in and out of the Jos metropolis. 6. I was also served as the GRAPHIC ARTIST the school in terms of NOTICE placement and writing on the Certificates.

  • 1996 - 2003
    Evangelical Church Winning All (Educational Department) Bukuru Branch

    Assistant Administrator

    1. I was saddled with administrative work of handling a primary school . 2. I practically taught CHILDREN of the ages of 2-13 years in the primary school. 3. I also coached the CHILDREN in sports in the school. 4. I represented the school at workshops, meetings and seminars. 5. I was also assigned with the work of a Welfare Officer in the School. 6. I counselled the CHILDREN of the school too.

  • 1996 - 1998
    Bukuru Comprehensive Secondary School, Bukuru


    1. I was in charge of helm of affairs of the a secondary school of over 500 students and 20 teachers. 2. I admitted both fresh and students on transfer. 3. I recruited new teachers for different subjects when there was need. 4. I attended meetings of all secondary schools principals both within the state and outside. 5. I organised workshops, seminars and induction courses for the teachers too. 6. I practically taught the students in the class. 7. I coached the students in all sort of sports and also take them to compete with their counterparts in other secondary schools. 8. I chaired most of the Parents\' Teachers\' Association meetings in the school. 9. I collected school fees for the management. 10. I received and attended to Visitors from the Ministry of Education.


Computer Literacy